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Outsider Picture Spam

I bought the 2-disc special edition DVD of The Outsiders a couple days ago. Aside from some wonky soundtrack choices, I have to say it makes me insanely happy. Widescreen DVD kicks fullscreen VHS's butt. Plus, when they call this version the Complete Novel? They mean it. Aside from one or two flashback scenes from the book, this has every single friggin' scene from the original story. They hardly even change the dialogue. It's beautiful, and totally the movie I always wanted to own instead of what I actually got. In fact, once Rome is a thing of the past, you may be plagued with more posts from me recapping the whole awesome movie in all it's awesomeness (including the hokey parts, 'cause those are pretty spectacular in their own way, too). For now, some special feature stuff to whet your appetite and to amuse the Joss Whedon fans amongst you!

The cast as we knew them. Ah, memories. And now...

"'Soda is handsomer than anyone else I know.'"

"'[Darry] doesn't understand anything that isn't plain hard fact, but he uses his head.'"


Explain to me how Ralph Macchio has managed to finally show his age while simultaneously looking like just as much of a fourteen-year-old as ever.

OH MY GOD!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! AHA! HA! HA! HA! *wipes away tears* I’m so in love with Leif Garrett. It’s like he evaluates each decade he's in and purposefully dresses in the worst fashions they spawn. He's Fashion Kryptonite.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the standard of beauty to which Hollywood SHOULD be striving. I swear to God, she’s more gorgeous every year. WITHOUT surgery.

"'The redhead was getting mad, or scared. She sat up straight and she was chewing hard on her gum.'"

"I wanted to chew gum in that scene but he wouldn't let me!" WARNING: so much picture spam it hurts

And now we have the casting process. A chaotic affair, from the sounds of things. All the big names got in a big room with all the no-names and they duked it out for parts.

My name is Helen Slater and my cousin can beat up your cousin.

My name is Kate Capshaw and I'm about to lie shamelessly about my age.

My name is -- OHMYGOD!!

Don't worry about no pansy-ass switchblades, hundan. I got me some knives I can bring from my bunk.

No man, it's cool. I've had practice playing an orphan before. This is going to be great.

Hey! You're auditioning for the WRONG PART, Darren.

We didn’t kill Bob. It was a flare gun. Went off in my locker. And Cherry isn't really human. She blinded me with science.

Facts of Life. Weekend at Bernie's. Insert your own joke HERE.

Tom Cruise tries Dally's "Hop the 3:15 train to Windrixville" Schpiel.

And then Adam does it better. Suck on that, Jerry Maguire.

A looong list of Darry hopefuls (including Rex Smith! Rex! I love your Gilbert and Sullivan!). Notice how Adam's name is FIRST. BEFORE Patrick's. In my delusional world, this means he was a frontrunner for the part. Please do not burst my bubble.

Teh Pritteh.

Still teh pritteh.

Seriously people, I used to be the big name in this movie. I'm not making this up.


She's just the cutest thing!

Trying out Soda's big scene. Thank GOD they gave him Two-Bit,

In a scant few years my Celebrity will eclipse that of God himself, but my Crazy will be strong enough to melt the sun.

More Adam! You can never have too much! Even when he's checking out Ponyboy's ass.

Yep. Still too cute.
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